Security Deposit Information

Dabco Security Deposit breakdown

1 Bedroom $500

2 Bedroom $800

3 Bedroom $1200

4 Bedroom $1600

Additional occupant $200

Dabco strives to keep the security deposit at an amount that is reflective of expenses that are common upon move out. Dabco Property Management maintains high quality apartments that are clean and in good repair when you move in.

“Why didn’t I get my full Security Deposit refunded?” is a question we commonly hear. At the end of your lease, this deposit is used to cover any expenses necessary to get the apartment ready for the next tenant that goes above normal wear and tear. Items that would constitute more than normal wear and tear include, but are not limited to:

  • damage, holes, or stains to carpet or vinyl
  • excessive holes in wall from tacks or staples, or large holes from screws
  • damage to interior doors, ex: holes, tear marks from tape
  • burner pans that are stained or scratched from use
  • professional carpet cleaning
  • general cleaning that exceeds 2 hours of time by cleaning department
  • damage to window sills, ex: water damage from leaving window open
  • damage to woodwork, drywall, appliances, fixtures, flooring, etc.

Carpets: All carpets are professionally cleaned between tenants.  At DABCO, due to the large number of apartments we manage, we are able to provide a volume discount from our local professional carpet cleaners.  For this reason, we can promise our tenants the best possible rate while maintaining the quality carpet cleaning service we expect.  For your convenience and ours, DABCO will schedule your carpet cleaning after you move, with no add-on charges to you (all receipts available upon request).  It’s just another way we work to give you the best service at the fairest cost.